Is Tinnitus Related to Blood Pressure — What Medications Can I Take?

Discussion in 'Support' started by corza000, Feb 9, 2021.

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      I am 32 active, fit, good BMI (if not on the low side), don't smoke, rarely drink.

      A few months ago I had bloodshot eye that filled up the whole eye (subconjuctival hemorrhage). It was about the same time when my tinnitus started going through the roof. Because of my eye, I was told to get my blood pressure taken and it was on the higher side of 145. Fast forward a couple of months and my blood pressure has steadily continued to increase to around 155 as has my tinnitus and anxiety.

      Now my doctor is saying that I may need to take blood pressure medication! Sounds like from reading other threads that all of the BP medications are ototoxic - great :/

      My questions:

      1. Is tinnitus related to blood pressure? I have mixed hearing loss. But since the increase my tinnitus has been going through the roof. I should say that I have high pitched tones and not a pulsatile tone.

      2. What is everyone's thoughts on BP medication? I'm scared to take it.

      3. Could this all be anxiety induced?

      I know I should ask my doctor this and will ask my next doctor but my current doctor doesn't really care for tinnitus. He spells it tinnitis and didn't know how to read my audiologist report...

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      Noise Induced
      I was put on blood pressure medicine 8 years before an event caused T. The medicine didn't cause T for me.

      However, I think elevated BP does aggravate T for me. Nowadays, almost three years in with T, at night if I can hear the blood pumping though my head/veins then T is a bit elevated too.

      Perhaps treating the BP will help some. I hope the best for you.
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      I'm 67 years of age, keep myself fit - and few years ago I was on blood pressure tablets 'every day' - not anymore, I researched self healing energy for 4 years - there's keys to self heal in the research, if you make it a hobby instead of spending so much time on Facebook etc, I'm not saying you're on that, just an example - watch the adrenaline - that lifts it, less time online, when possible print and recycle, this helps with tinnitus as well, as in less screen time... good luck...

      An instant help with self healing is less meat, more fruit, steady things to watch on TV, less news, time in nature, all this helps raise vibes - no tabs for me now 3+ years...

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