Is Wearing Earmuffs for Long Periods Safe?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Noahtm, Oct 20, 2019.

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      I currently have glue ear which is making my tinnitus worse so I have decided to take precautions to protect my ears from further damage. I got a pair of earmuffs to sleep with because I currently live with a sibling who is a total asshole (pardon my language) but they constantly slam doors very hard in the morning in order to deliberately aggravate my tinnitus.

      I was just wondering whether ear muffs are safe to sleep with everyday? I have noticed that my tinnitus seems worse after using them for short periods and they seem to create some kind of pressure in my ears. I'm not sure if this is because the clamping pressure is too much and it may be decreasing blood flow to my ears, when doubling up with ear plugs my ears hurt.

      Also, is it a bad idea to use in-ear monitors beneath ear muffs with sounds set on a timer? Because I'm unsure if this is likely to break the seal or lead to more pressure in the ear muffs.
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      For years I have been sleeping while wearing 3M 1100 foam earplugs. I haven't noticed any problems. I recommend that you wear good earplugs - it would be more comfortable than muffs. You might also want to look into finding another place to live. That person will find a way to hurt you (setting off the fire alarm comes to mind).
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      I can tell you it isn't. It's what made my tinnitus way worse. Only use it when necessary but do without them in normal circumstances.

      If noise 'hurts' then you are still in a low sound tolerance (hyperacusis?) phase in which I recommend listening to sound therapy. I have one I recommend. Let me know if you are interested
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      +1 for sleeping with the earplugs. I have lo profile ear muffs, and while they are comfortable to mow the lawn, I can't imagine trying to sleep with them as they are too cumbersome for that.

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