It Can and Will Get Better with Time :)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Fish, Jul 26, 2012.

    1. Fish

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      I decided to post this to cheer you up, but also for myself to read it whenever I'll feel down in the future.

      As I'm writing this, my tinnitus is (temporarily) gone. The high pitched noise turned into a low-volume hiss that is only audible when I clog my ears. I'm sure it's too early to celebrate, the dreaded T will most likely be back (the night is coming here) but for that short moment... ;)

      I don't know why do I have T, but I think it's heavily related to stress. Since my T started, I've become obsessed. I spent literally a whole week browsing tinnitus websites, research studies etc.

      Gotta take it easy. I watched some Mr Bean episodes on youtube. I played guitar for the first time since last week. Maybe the medicine I take is also working. I'm convinced stress relief is the key.

      Never lose hope :) That's all for now.
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    2. Markku

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      Thanks for the good news!

      This is exactly what happens to many. They might have had tinnitus before, but one that hasn't bothered them much at all, then stress or something causes a spike, they get super worried and become quite obsessed with it.

      Then, it subsides back to the original level or even less with time.

      I need to remember this post of yours to reference for other people like you. There are of course exceptions - those whose tinnitus really is going to stay at a higher level for a longer period of time, but there are exceptions everywhere in life to be honest.

      Anyway, it was great you posted this: usually people don't post success stories, they just stop visiting the forums after they've got the handle on tinnitus or it's got better.

      All the best to you :)
    3. DezDog

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      Fantastic news Fish! Here's to all the well-days to come.

    4. gary

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      Who Knows
      Great news & outlook fish, enjoy the moment, more like this to come....
    5. AUTHOR

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      July 2012
      I completely forgot about this! I should probably take my own advice sometimes.

      I had a good day again, I kept myself busy and somehow forgot about T for few hours! Really nice.

      Thinking about T won't make it disappear, only makes anxiety worse. Better turn on some light music and do something useful if possible. We need to stay strong everyone!
    6. Aeryes

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      Oct 2014
      Thank you for this. Can you look at my thread and let me know if my condition will improve.

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