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      I'm treading water in a sea of sound.
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      eardrum rupture from virus; barotrauma from ETD

      I'm sorry to hear you're having a bad time. Did something happen to increase your noise? And are you sleeping? Sleeping is the most important thing you can do with tinnitus--but you probably know this already.

      We have a lot of information on the site, and we have two psychologists and one medical doctor. All our doctors are available for questions, but it may take them a little while to answer.

      I do hope you are able to find relief. And please, don't be afraid to just jump into conversations, especially in the support area.

      We are all friendly here and know how debilitating this disease can be. And we have several members who've also had tinnitus for many years; some are fully habituated; others are seeking help.

      Here is a link to a thread on sleeping:

      BTW, I take melatonin nightly and it works great. Just be sure to get sustained release so it will last throughout the night. You might also try 50 mg Benedryl to help you fall asleep. It's an allergy drug, but its main side effect is sleepiness. It's also a common ingredient in many OTC sleeping forumulas, such as Tylenol Sleep.

      You may also be interested in various topics in the Treatment section.

      Good luck and keep us posted! You are not alone! :)
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