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Discussion in 'Support' started by luckyman316, Aug 12, 2014.

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      .. I noticed it reduces when I walk and/or exercise. At times, it's completely gone when I do this. Most if not all of my tinnitus happens when I am sitting down. If I stand, it's almost gone away. This leads me to believe a neck or back issue may be a root cause of this, so I am going to continue with a good routine to exercise these areas and build some strength. Will report back in 2 months with hopefully a good success story!
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    2. James
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      Yes, please report back.
      Interesting effects you have with exercise. I hope your not kidding yourself thinking its gone and really its still there.
      Anyway, that's great that it helps. I wish I knew the exact cause of mine. Hearing nerve loss is up on the list I suppose.
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      Maybe you just dont pay attention. I feel better when I exercise. It keeps me busy. I hear more usually at home as it is more quiet there. Sometimes I feel like there is a knob that just need to be turned down.
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    4. Karen

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      I agree with you, bwspot. When I exercise, I'm distracted and I feel better. It's at home, when things are quiet, that the ringing/pulsating seems the loudest. The key to keeping our tinnitus low seems to be distraction, doesn't it?
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    5. agaton spik

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      Before I habitated my tinnitus, I felt it got worse when I exercised. I think it's very different for people. Some hear it more during certain situations.

      I still think the key is to get distracted enough to not pay attention to it, like treating it as a fan or a refrigerator.
      When I'm pumping weights, I get a satisfactions of it enough to consider that any extra sound or whoosh I hear
      in my ears is good because I've trained my body very hard.
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      buzzing shaver/laptop fan whine/pellet gun/music/caff/wax/ eardrum red
      Been a year, is there any update you would like to tell us? @luckyman316

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