It's When I Wake Up That Tinnitus Is at Its Worst. Pressure or Vascular Problems?

Discussion in 'Support' started by wishingluck, Sep 17, 2015.

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      not sure, but probably acoustic trauma
      The tinnitus is almost always at it's worse when I wake up. When I get up, fortunately it subsides greatly after about 20 minutes. Could this be related to vascular or pressure problems? how do I find out? Dealing with doctors always feels like you have to work 4 times harder than it should, for them to understand what you are trying to do. Can anyone please advise. Thanks and I wish you all the best.
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      not sure
      This is pure speculation on my part. I am not sure about pressure, but vascular is a possible reason. But generally, this phenomenon is known as the 'Awakening Response'. Dr. Nagler has written an explanation in more detail as follow:

      “I have always felt it to be due to the role of the reticular formation in tinnitus perception. The reticular formation is a primitive structure in the brain stem. It's a "vital sign monitor." When you wake up, the RF checks to see whether or not you are alive! It looks for heartbeat, respirations, blood pressure, temperature - basic bodily signs. It does not care whether or not these signs are good or bad - just that they are present. And as far as the RF is concerned, tinnitus is part of "expected" body function in an individual suffering from severe intrusive tinnitus. So when you wake, your RF checks to see whether or not tinnitus is present. And if it doesn't immediately find the tinnitus, the RF seeks it with a vengeance - - especially in the post-nap state, when there has been inadequate REM sleep and when, therefore, the RF is on already "high alert" that something might not be quite right. Theoretically - very theoretically - this RF hyperactivity in seeking tinnitus, which in a person with severe intrusive tinnitus it equates with life, results in temporarily markedly augmented tinnitus perception.”
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      possibly noise
      I only slept for three hours last night, and I just woke up from a three hour nap and now my T is screaming. My sleep schedule is usually a little better. I sure hope this goes away...
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      My tinnitus is almost alway quieter when i just wake up. I wonder if the source of the T makes the difference? I believe my T has nothing to do with hearing loss. It developed after a period of stress and illness.

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