Jennifer Warters' Online Tinnitus Clinic: Toning and Alignment Programme

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      Greetings everyone:

      I don't post much, but I have done a lot of reading here and learned so much.

      I wanted to ask the group if anyone has heard of the online tinnitus clinic run by Jennifer Warters.

      The link to the clinic is:

      She provides information for a self-help program. She also offers a program that consists of two
      parts - Part I: 3 Week Energy Alignment Programme (205 pounds / $272). Part II - 3 Week Combination Toning / Alignment Programme (245 pounds / $323)

      Jennifer's background includes working as a Speech Language Therapist (or something close to that title).
      There is more to her background than that, just trying to keep it short.

      If you check out the website and the program information, please share your thoughts/insights. I am curious to see what you think about it.
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      Anyone can try anything as long as they are aware there is no actual treatment for tinnitus as of today.

      So basically, it might help, or might not.

      You can also jump 10 times, clap your hands 5 times, breathe in, out, and say a mantra. Who knows if that would work too?

      My guess is as long as your tinnitus is not severe, intrusive and loud 24/7, any placebo can make a difference.
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      I realize that any placebo can make a difference.

      What I thought was different/unusual about her program is the idea that trauma or stress can be trapped in the body, and then exhibit itself in physical ailments.

      Not saying I agree or disagree. I just had never heard of her program before and supposedly she has clients from different parts of the world.

      On this forum, people have worked with and commented on Liam, Julian Cowan Hill and Joey Remenyi (spelling?).

      I was simply curious if anyone else had heard of Jennifer Warters. Maybe the general reaction is the same as yours.
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      Oh but to be honest I am a complete believer that trauma and stress ARE trapped in the body and then express themselves somewhere at some point in your life.

      I am a hypnotherapist myself.

      Hypnosis, sophrology, meditation, are many options that can be super useful for a lot of things (including tinnitus, I believe).
      Science can't cure us now, so we can try all different things to make our life bearable :)

      It may work, it may not.

      I'm just super cautious when I read websites where people claim they can help. Actually, they can't, they have no idea what's going on in your brain, what sounds you hear, how you think, how you breathe, how you sleep, what pills you take and how they work on you.

      The only thing they can do is teach you that only you can help yourself, finding your own way to cope.

      Science will help at some point, I hope.
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      Hi all,
      just thought I will sp
      read some hope by posting this very encouraging video by Jennifer Warters where she presents her method (including two studies) of how she has helped 100s of tinnitus clients to improve or completely eradicate their tinnitus.

      Tinnitus Research Presentation by Jennifer Warters

      Here is her website (her prices are very reasonable, particularly if you opt having Skype sessions only):

      She is not very good at promoting herself, which is why virtually nobody knows about her. So I thought I will help her and all of you a bit.

      Here are some testimonials of her clients from her website:

      “Using only the alignment tone and the emerald alignment, my tinnitus is a fraction of what it was. It is incredible that three weeks of the preparation phase alone has caused such significant improvement. The tinnitus is not as bothersome in the morning when I wake and is now barely noticeable in a quiet room.”
      S.G. Pennsylvania, US

      “Using the programme of tones and colours together with the emerald alignment twice a day, eventually led to the complete disappearance of the deeply disturbing tinnitus. It also cleared a number of emotional and psychological longstanding issues; I now am more confident in all aspects of my life. It is interesting to note that everyone around me notices the change in me.”
      B. Matthews, Holmfirth, West Yorkshire

      “I don’t think anything beats the human voice. My tinnitus vanished”
      J. Burns, Halifax, West Yorkshire

      “I had a bad reaction to anti-depressants twenty years ago, which left me with sleep disturbance and tinnitus in the form of loud ringing in my left ear. Since the toning and alignment programme, the ringing has gone and I no longer need to take sleeping pills. The toning/alignment programme has gradually made a huge difference to my tinnitus which has almost disappeared. I hardly notice it during the day and at night, it no longer wakes me up any more or stops me from getting to sleep in the first place! It has been well worth the disciplined practice and it’s such a relief that it has nearly gone altogether. I am so glad I spotted the information about you and what you offer.”
      J. Dickson, Ripponden, West Yorkshire

      “Jennifer, thank you for helping me with my tinnitus. Over the past four months my hearing has really improved and has gotten away from hearing that badly buzzing sound. Now I can hear 10 times better. I can now hear low and high pitched sounds also.”
      C. Goodwin , Matoaka, West Virginia, US

      Here are two articles/research papers she has written:
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      Moped (2001) Noise blast (2014) Club (2017) Snowboard (2018)
      To quote her own words in the video:

      "In conclusion, this program doesn't work when there are low expectations".

      That's about all I needed to know. I'm sorry, but, no thanks.
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      just another yahoo thinking they can "heal"
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      Started with a cold, possibly worsened by medication/noise
      It's a strange mix of interesting points and crazy ideas. I haven't looked at the work of Tomatis for example but it might be interesting. She also mentions cellular biologists but then comes up with the Kirlian fields and that stuff always makes me very nervous. I understand colour green is relaxing but what is the relative impact of green on severe tinnitus? Her sample size is small, her stats with live clients seem to include 10 clients overall, of which 5 have been completely cured. I have to say her testimonial in the video are interesting, different causes of tinnitus, tinnitus for long times, and people cured in a few weeks. After 15 years can placebo work? And would it work with a stats oriented naval officer? There might be something here. Prices are reasonable. What is discouraging however, as Philip noticed, is that if this does not work it might be your fault for not being a believer.

      I'm beyond desperate, I could try this, but it would be self defeating as I can't see toning or energy alignment or colour green touching this ever worsening monster. Might as well try though, nothing left to lose.

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