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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by VelvetFont, Nov 15, 2013.

    1. VelvetFont

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      Hi guys, I'm 30 years old and joining the club. Even though I had heard tinnitus every time of a loud night out this time is not going away. I am an amateur musician and heavy headphone user who also works around a lot of noisy equipment... this suck.

      Joining to get support, and good ideas for coping. From what I read tinnitus is not something steady that remains the same forever, rather something that changes tones, shifts in intensity and sometimes appear/disappear/reappear.

      Masking sounds work as a charm, unfortunately I can't be plug to weird tones and white noise all the time.

      Will hear from me . Hope you guys are doing better.
    2. gary

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      Who Knows
      Hi VT, :welcomesignanimation: to TT. You will find pretty much all the different things that have been tried & tested here for coping, as you seem to already know. hopefully the noise will go away again for you soon.
    3. Sybs

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      Hi VT and welcome. You will definitely find this forum of great support and a good source of helpful information. Stay well.
    4. James White

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      Maybe loud music. Not sure.
      Hey welcome VelvetFont,

      what kind of music are you into ? I'm also an amateur musician :)
    5. Mr LDK

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      Hey you made it to 30! Being a musician that's a good thing! For most it comes earlier especially in this day and age.

      Yes you are correct it does get better, under the right precautions from this point on.

      I stay away from masking with white noise, it's to harsh and can even aggravate your Tinnitus.

      I use pink noise and have even taken the time to remove some of the higher frequencies even more, you can download it on my site:

      Download: files/Pink Noise - higher freqs

      Remember to loop it as it's only 2 minutes long.

      Let me know how you get on.

    6. VelvetFont

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      Hey guys, thanks for the welcome!

      Well.. this Tinnitus thing is really getting on me now. I have read plenty more info and the most useful advice was from the british BTA Where it mentions that after a while our brain is able to stop paying attention to it to the point of not hearing it even though it is still there.

      @James White , I have been into a lot of different genres through the years. I started with alternative rock on bass, moved to indie rock on guitar, moved to Spanish rock on piano and up until then everything was good but then I moved to dance music, specially disco/house and that's what kicked in the Tinnitus. I used headphones (loudly) for almost 2 years exploring the genre and going out very frequently (sometimes up to 4 times per week) to hear some local DJ.

      The weekend was very good. I almost stopped listening to the noise. At some point in the night I woke up and I did not hear anything, only silence. I wanted to wake up my girlfriend and say to her: ¨Hey, Listen! There is no more sound!¨Of course I knew that wasn't a good idea and I went back to sleep. I thought the worse part of the Tinnitus was over but today has been horrible. Like a dentist electrical drill in my head all day during work. It makes me wonder... what happened in the weekend that I almost stop hearing the noise but now it is as loud as it can?

      @Mr LDK , thanks for the link! It doesn't work that well for me as I can hear my high pitch Tinnitus over it but it may work later. I ll try using it for sleep as so far I have tried to sleep without any background noise.

      Will keep in touch, thanks all!
    7. AnnieM

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      Howdy, VT... from one newcomer to another, welcome to the zoo ;) Mine also waxes and wanes... weekends are usually relatively quiet for me also but Monday morning back to work and mine's singing loudly by the end of the day. I take melatonin tablets (my brand name of choice is Alteril) to sleep...two or three a night. They seem to have a calming effect not only in helping me get drowsy but it seems to turn the T down a notch too.
    8. VelvetFont

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      Hey @AnnieM . Luckily I am good with the sleep so far. If someone was meant to have a pain sound in his head and go to sleep is me. I could manage to sleep standing straight, I am such a sloth. (n)

      Today the T was so good. I woke up and I did not hear it until I thought of hearing it. It laid cool for the rest of the day and just kicked hard when I got back into my quiet room. My quiet room is such a Tinnitus room. It is like the normal sound of the every day life is now too much to my ears and give me a hard Tinnitus when in a quiet space. Like now normal sounds impact me as I went to a loud concert. I should get checked by an audiologist . So far I have not detected hearloss. But better be safe than sorry.

      Stay positive.

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