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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Garrett, Feb 8, 2014.

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      Hey all,

      I am a 22 years old, and just got over a serious respiratory/sinus infection that lasted about two weeks. About a week ago, my sinuses and my ears were so congested it felt as though someone had put seashells over my ears. They finally popped a little and that got rid of the echo-like feeling and serious muffle of sound I was dealing with. After that happened, I noticed a high pitch ring in my right ear, about the same pitch as an old TV being turned on. After doing some research, it turns out this is most definitely T. I'm at about a week with T right now, and also an increased sensitivity to loud sounds. I went to an NHL hockey game last night and there were some points that were extremely stressful due to loud sounds. It almost feels like I have gone up in altitude and my ears need to pop. The T, obviously obnoxious, is bearable, I've come to acceptance that it could be a long term condition, and I could be in a lot worse circumstances. It's made me realize how very fortunate I am to be in good health that doesn't fully inhibit my own personal daily functions. The only problem I have is at night. When I'm trying to fall asleep, I am having a lot of trouble. I've tried listening to music, that helps. I quit taking any ZzzQuil, or sleep aids other than natural remedies like melatonin and chamomile tea, they seem to help a little. I'm just having trouble staying completely asleep. As an individual who was recently dependent on cannabis to function (which I have read can possibly lead to T, though I do not believe that this is what's caused mine) I do not feel comfortable taking medication that has the potential to become habit forming. My GP has prescribed me Flonase to take for the next week to help drain any fluid in my Eustachian Tube and said I have ETD, which is common after battling a severe cold or sinus infection. She said if that doesn't help than she wants me to try prednisone. I guess I'm posting here for some support and to help support other dealing with this horrendous (BUT NOT LIFE THREATENING) condition. Any sleep suggestions? Or any other advice you T experts could relay to an amateur? Prepping for the battle is the only way to conquer!
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      Sorry you're going thru this at such a young age. Hopefully it will clear up soon since you haven't had it too long. I use a humidifier at night...the sound helps muffle my T, and the moist air helps me breath better. I think the combination helps me sleep. I've also tried a teaspoon of honey in warm milk before going to bed and that has a calming effect. Good luck!
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      trauma acoustique progressif
      bonsoir a tous
      acouphenique depuis 2012 j ai essaye de nombreuses thérapies sans effet pour l instant acupuncture. ostéopathe. magnétiseur homéopathie. les AD me font certainement du bien mais pour le moral il y a des hauts et des bas je pense ne pas être le seul dans ce cas j ai commence des séances de stimulations electro acoustique mais pour le moment rien de concluant
      pour finir mon acouphène est arrive progressivement jusqu au jour ou il a entraîné la dépression, bon courage a tous

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