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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Dexi, Feb 8, 2012.

    1. Dexi

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      Hello Everyone,

      Have recently found Tinnitus Talk and am so very happy to have arrived- I find myself in very good company! :)

      As a result of acoustic trauma about 20 years ago I have had a constant tinnitus 24/7. The interesting thing is that it can vary quite a bit, which, in an odd sense, offers a bit of relief (ok- it shifts my mind a bit and makes me think :"Hmm... this sounds different"). It has been through education and understanding that I have arrived at a place where my tinnitus is a part of my life, but it does not rule my life.

      While I can be a bit of a 'lurker' at times, I do enjoy learning from others. Looking forward to continuing my tinnitus journey with new friends at my side. :cool:

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      Wow, over 20 years of tinnitus. Sad and comforting at the same time - sad that one needs to go through this for such a long time, but comforting that you are a living example of how habituation and acceptance can really make life with tinnitus noticeably easier.

      Welcome! I really think we have a great bunch of people here.
    3. AUTHOR

      Dexi Guest

      Yes, acceptance is key. I used to worry that the tinnitus (which perceptually seems quite loud) would cause hearing loss. I was reassured that this would not happen so I tried to relax a little bit.

      When my tinnitus bothers me I tell myself that if I can hear it, then it means I am alive.

      I look forward to making my way through the various threads and posts here. Thank you.
    4. mock turtle

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      Dexi said, " i tell myself if i can hear it then it means im alive"

      amazing...ive had T for about 20 years also and in the the old days i used to say something similar, i would say to myself "this is now the soundtrack to life, i hear it because im alive"

      with the recent resurgence of psycho crazy T , i now tell myself " tinnitus cant kill you unless you let it'"

      Dexi welcome to the a recent arrival and just beginning to find my way around

      best wishes
      mock turtle

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