Jonathan here (tinnitus for many years)

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      I've been battling tinnitus since '93! It started only in my right ear: a loud, swishing noise. It keeps time with my heartbeat, and under stress it's noticeably louder. I'm used to it so I hardly hear it under many circumstances, but just now I'm having a bad time. I've had ringing in both ears but it's only intermittent. Swishing is constant. It freaked me out first because you can't escape it no matter what you do but I've learned to use "white noise" and it helps a lot as well as relaxing as much as I can (of course not easy to do always!) :)

      I have no hearing loss as a result and the beginning was the hardest part. I think I got this from being too close to amps and going to lots of clubs and all that loud music...!! I did have lots of ear infections as a kid and had my ears lanced on a few occasions... maybe can be from that trauma, or both..

      Hello all!
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      Cute hedgehog!
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      Loud noise doesn't cause pulsatile tinnitus.
      You may want to check out

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