Just Developed Tinnitus, Questions (Is My Tinnitus Caused by Wax in the Ear? Any Advice for Me?)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Edge2k29, Jan 15, 2016.

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      Hello ! About 3-4 weeks ago I had developed very bad tinnitus in my right ear which scared the **** out of me as I never experienced anything like it. It only lasted one day then everything was back to normal. Then last week it came back in my left ear.

      Over the course of the week I have had it come and go and the volume gets louder and quiet. But for the last two days the sound has moved from the ear to the what feels like centre of my head.

      I went to see my doctor yesterday and he said that both of my ears are full of wax (currently taking olive oil ear drops)

      Do you thing that the tinnitus is caused by wax in my ear? I am currently 24 and I have looked after my ears. The only situation I can think of which could have damaged my ears was three months ago. The fire alarm went off and I struggled to stop it. I think I spent 10-15 mins under the fire alarm. Afterwards both of my ears were ringing badly and it went after 2-3 hours.

      I can currently drown it out all day but it relay effects my sleep. I have always been someone who needs silence to sleep.

      Is there any advice on what I should do.

      Thank you very much
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      No known reason
      Sorry to hear about your situation. There are several things I would recommend that you do. First and foremost, try to make sure that you sleep enough during the nights already now. Even though you are used to sleeping in silence, you will manage to fall asleep to a soothing or relaxing background noise, that doesn't draw any attention. Find a noise in your house or find some apps that provide white noise or nature sounds. This is my main advice. Even if you find it difficult to fall asleep, stick to your regular routines. This is to reduce the risk of sleep deprivation over time.

      Tinnitus can come from many things. In my case, I haven't got a clue what caused it. Then again, does it matter where you got it from?

      The sound can come from different places, some evn hear it outside themselves and around them. The sound and its volume may vary from day to day and during the day. Or it may be constant.

      I am sure you have many questions. We are here to help eachother cope as well as we can. Good luck
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      Hi, Edge,
      Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your ears. My husband has had ear problems for many years including tinnitus.

      Here's a few things to consider: What kind of noises are you hearing ? There are many different sounds and intensities that can be associated with it, ie: cracking,popping,crickets, pounding,throbbing high pitched or dull, etc. Do you have headaches ? Take into consideration that good nutrition plays an important role in overall health including the ears. Your head and your intestines are related.
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      It is currently a high pitch buzz like from a electrical appliance or a bad light bulb.
      I don't suffer from headaches. My diet is not the best but I am not overweight :)
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      O.k Let's try this first- going to an ENT and having him/her thoroughly clean out your ear canal up to your ear drum. Because most likely what's occurring is that the debris in the ear canal is not allowing the ear drum to fluctuate. Are your sounds becoming muffled or distorted?

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