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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by MakeItStop, Jul 22, 2016.

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      Greetings guys!

      Yup, new to this forum, new to tinnitus. It's been one week since this onset and to be honest, it's been hell. I'm sure I'm experiencing what most of you went through when you first got tinnitus. The first couple days, I'd hope and pray that I'd wake up and suddenly that high pitched whine would magically disappear or maybe some miracle drug or cure would be found or in the making (AM-101 lol) that could make this horrible ring disappear. Before tinnitus I was completely oblivious to this and I never thought my ears could just ring 24/7 and possibly for the rest of my life. I've been receiving a lot of encouragement and advice from fellow tinnitus-"sufferers" (if you will) but it's definitely given me a new outlook in life. What's helped me get through this is a good support group of friends and family. I actually have a buddy who's been suffering from tinnitus for 4 years now and now it's a part of his life and it doesn't affect him. I plan to stay optimistic and even though this might not go away, I want to stay optimistic and I know that we can beat this eventually. Sometimes I really do wish I could go back to that stupid incident that caused all this turmoil and sadness in my life but it definitely opened my eyes and I have a new appreciation for life in general and to be honest, more grateful for what I have or had in my life. I hope you guys are doing well and please don't let this be the end of you. Whether there's a cure or not, I believe we can get through this together, that's what this support forums are for I guess. Cheers!
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      Welcome to the forum. You seem to be doing quite well for a new sufferer, as you tend to focus on the positive. It helps to know that other people with T, like you friend, do get better over time. This will help reduce your fear and anxiety. Stressful reaction can aggravate T. So do your best to stay calm and positive. I encourage you to read as many success stories as you can so you can stay calm and positive, and be hopeful that you will get better like your friend and those who write the success stories. Take good care. God bless.
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