Just Noticed I Have Had Tinnitus All This Time...

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Alex14t, Jan 1, 2015.

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      Hi everyone, I'm new here and I'd like to introduce myself. I did not know I had Tinnitus until recently when I noticed something.

      A few months ago I was cleaning my ears with a mixture of alcohol, water and peroxide for the first time (After someone recommended it) and had done it for about three or four days. Then I noticed something different.....I noticed silence after I did it for the fourth time or so. After a minute the noise came back into my ears and I realized then that I had tinnitus.

      The last time I can remember real silence was when I was about 15 years old. Now I am 27 and hear a very light small buzzing sound all of the time that doesn't stop. That one brief moment of silence made me realize I had it, although I don't know for how long (I guess I am pretty used to it).

      I don't know if it's caused by stress, bacteria or what.... but I went to an ent doctor and did a hearing test. I can hear pretty good and I also had my ears cleaned so I don't think it's caused by hearing damage or blockage.

      I've noticed the tinnitus getting stronger as time goes on and it drives me crazy when I try to sleep. I think though, from what I hear of others' tinnitus, that mine is probably very "low" in intensity (it reminds me of the sound of those nightime bug zappers lol!!!). I can live with it but it's annoying sometimes (especially when I'm trying to sleep).

      I'm not sure if the moment of brief silence was related to anything or not. It was pretty weird that it happened. I'm also telling myself it could be a coincidence too, maybe I just heard quietness at the right time(?????)

      I'm going to retry putting the mixture in my ears again and letting it run out. I'm wondering if my case is caused by bacteria or something... (who knows) at this point!....

      So that's my story, nice to be here and read all of your personal journeys. I'm looking to find the cure for my tinnitus.... Hang in there everybody!! :)
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      Maybe loud music. Not sure.
      Well i think every human being has some kind of tinnitus, it's just the sound of molecules, air and stuff. For some people the sound is louder due to various reasons. For example, i can hear mine when i'm driving a car, it's pretty loud but the pitch is incredibly high so i can still hear other sounds clearly.
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      Unknown (medication, head injury)
      I don't recommnend putting anything in your ears ie. home remedies or the general practitioner's advice which would typically include olive oil for ear wax removal. If you have a legitimate complaint over blockage, then see an ENT about it, and have it removed with fine instruments. No syringing unless absolutely necessary.

      My suggestion.
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      Bacterial virus
      Hi Alex glad you've found us ATEOS is right ,leave putting stuffs of any kind in those ears ,no matter what ,you've read these stories ,look at what's set tinnitus for us off ,get some insights as to what never to do Alex ,Tellis will say a big NO to the Valsalva manoeuvre ,yes I agree ,no matter even if any dr tells you go try this at home .
      Get ENT won't cure T ,but they can give you hearing test. MRI etc ,maskers if you need them also .then on here is finding coping skills ,lots got good sound advice. Who better to help than other sufferers .listen to all on here I say for you to do .got your interest at heart believe me .Its a journey this T that's for sure. But on here were in it together Alex for the long haul .

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