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Discussion in 'Support' started by Mystery Reader, Jul 19, 2018.

    1. Mystery Reader

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      Hello, Folks!

      As I approach the eight-month mark, I just want to say thank you to the forum in general and some folks in particular who have really helped along the way. Like so many here I'm still struggling with this, but have gained so much insight from the generosity of so many who have been willing to share their support, experience, and advice. I haven't necessarily corresponded with all of you listed, but somewhere along the way something you wrote or suggested gave me some hope or encouragement, or proved useful to me.

      I hope for better days for all of us, and will continue to visit the forum for support and (hopefully!) offer support and encouragement to others as well.

      Thank you all!

      @glynis @yonkapin @New Guy @emmalee @Jiri @Jazzer @Starthrower @Ed209 @Samantha R @Nanny chocolate @Luman @TracyJS @fishbone @billie48 @Bill Bauer @linearb @dayma @PortalNaut @Michael Leigh @quietatnight @Michellejean

      and at The Forum as a whole!

      Mystery Reader
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    2. New Guy

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      TT is a wonderful place, especially for newbies. I'm glad something I said helped you.
    3. Starthrower

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      Many hugs to you. I am off for a busy day.
    4. Jiri
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      Hi @Mystery Reader

      No need to thank me. I am happy if you've found useful something I wrote. You supported me and others on here a lot too so the feelings are mutual. We need to find a way to get through this and fight as a team.
    5. Samantha R

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      @Mystery Reader
      What a lovely post, thanks for mentioning me.
      This is a wonderful community, and it's great to have good people like yourself here.
      I still struggle at times as well, I think we all do. But it gets easier to bounce back after awhile. It does for me anyway.
      Keep being positive and I know you'll be fine. :)
      Sam. x
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    6. Jazzer

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      @Mystery Reader
      Thanks for the mention MR.
      I come here on a daily basis to enjoy the company of kind, upbeat, knowledgeable members like yourself.
      Sometimes we can share ideas and stuff that might help a bit, however keeping each other company is so crucial to me.
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    7. Greg Sacramento

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      @Jazzer I certainly agree with your above post. We can try to help each other in many ways and being company with compassionate understanding is part of that. Emotions can be characterized by pleasure or displeasure and I think this is why we take sides in interaction with others. Robert Frost - "Miles To Go Before I sleep" may be about personal experience where fear and pleasure starts with self. At least this is what he said years later. I'm glad that regulars here reach out to other regulars besides new posters without condition of one's fear or bias and this can echo Robert Frost - Miles to Go.

      I like to try to help those with physical conditions if and when I can. I believe I had asked @Mystery Reader if a CT was done. It may be that ear wax isn't the problem. There's over a hundred specialties of neurologists where some have focus mostly on sleeping disorders. Some ENTs also have specialties. I have been to both where some don't examine or fully understand how any of the twelve cranial nerves can relate to tinnitus. Finding professionals that understand physical tinnitus and are willing to take the time to work with other professionals are not easy to come by.

      Yesterday I responded to a poster where research and many case studies has shown a 90 percent chance of what could be her problem from her provided detail information. Her spinal accessory nerve and seventh cranial nerve should had been examined by her neurologist, but it's doubtful that it was from what she said. Simple PT for this condition could relieve or cure tinnitus.

      None of us here are God's, but it doesn't mean that we can't try to help others regardless of their struggles with or without physical pain.
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    8. glynis

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      @Mystery Reader ,
      I'm glad we all helped you in someway with tinnitus support.
      Tinnitus Talk is truley a lovely place to come and great members.
      I'm glad the arguments from members and picking faults with members posts has settled down and now a lovely place to come and for newcomers whom really need everyones friendship and support.
      love glynis
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