Just When I Thought It Was Gone

Discussion in 'Support' started by Flexi, May 29, 2014.

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      In the last couple of weeks my T has pretty much been non existent and last couple of days h and t have come back again.

      I think it wad because i slept the night with headphones listening to mild relaxation music and it started again.

      This thing is making my anxiety levels go crazy.

      What does it mean if it goes away for such long periods where i cant hear it even if i try and then comes back again?
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      Its as if it has a mind of its own.
      Every time i feel better and say to myself "im going back to the gym and getting my life back together" it turns around and says "oh no your not" and throw a dose of t and h and im back on my knees again and then it goes away.
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      Trust me, it is a VERY GOOD THING if your T has disappeared. This usually doesn't happen for permanent T, so it might be a sign that your ears are healing. Do you have any idea what causes yours?
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      Yeah i had a good two weeks up to last week when it returned. It doesn't know what it want's to do.
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      Not sure

      We don't really know what it means Flexi. Mine does the same. I like to think that it means that it could disappear completely one day - but it's a mystery that nobody can solve yet.

      People with continuous T never experience the silence that we do but we have to cope with T 'starting all over again' which can increase anxiety massively in the first few months. After a while you may find that you have longer and longer periods of silence though - won't that be great?

      Mine has been doing this for a very long time although I'm now mostly free of it due to changes in diet. Perhaps you're eating different foods when it goes away? Or are you getting more good quality sleep perhaps on the nights before the really good days?

      Try not to get anxious about it. Go to the gym or whatever you were planning - go with the T screaming - I promise you it's possible to carry on doing these things. They will help to (partially) take your mind off it. I never thought that I would be able to run my business again after getting T - but I could and I am.

      Try not to think of it as your enemy (ie. when you say "it turns around and says "oh no your not"). Stay calm until it goes away again.

      I wish you all the best - I know exactly how you're feeling!

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