Lacking Consistent Tinnitus Baseline (8 Months In) Like Before I Got Re-Damaged

Discussion in 'Support' started by shasta0863, Jan 16, 2016.

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      Since I wen't 18-26 with basically same mild T from noise trauma, the fact that I'm starting to get worse and fluctuate after my noise trauma from 8 months ago is concerning me.

      First few months, July, August and Sept...hell, but I was getting by hoping for improvement. As I got to Dec./early Jan., while still not great, I felt maybe a 15% improvement if that. Now, recently this week, my pure high pitch tonal that I can really hear mainly in left side is higher again. Before for a few weeks it was slightly not as intensive in pitch, now it cuts through the ambient sounds I never had a problem with. Honestly, it's like back to 6-7 months ago. I don't understand how this can keep fluctuating after 8 months. Isn't the damage done, shouldn't what ever it sounds like just be there...

      I'm starting to wonder if the noise I'm experiencing outside is affecting this and making it worse. My T is always going up from things like going to store and coming back, running, swimming, shower w/ fan, regular car traffic. I've now learned that the constant barge of planes coming by every day in my area (live on a man-mad lagoon in a condo so it echos) are flying at 1,000 to 1,200 feet! I knew it was loud everyday but now I think I'm getting damaged by them. Apparently a Boeing 737 at 1,000 fly over is 103db! That doesn't even take into account my area of condos/lagoon water that creates an echo. WHAT THE F----. And that's f-ing legal to the FAA.. what a god damn joke.

      I just don't know, I'm so clueless at to what is going on. How can the pitch increase. How can things keep changing after all this time. I've spent the majority of last months since my damage at home, going out occasionally for shopping ect.. I've rested my ears surely enough...yet it's not picking a point and sticking there.

      I'm actually terrified these planes are what's now causing this persistence T issue but who knows...I'm looking for something to explain this.

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