Lauer Tinnitus Research Center, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary

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    1. Learn more about the strategies underway to study tinnitus at Lauer Research Center.

      Donate to Lauer Tinnitus Research Center.

      85% of your donation will go to research and 15% towards overhead.

      To direct your donation to a particular researcher, choose Designation 'Other' and then specify a researcher from the list below in the 'Comment' box:
      • Dr. Charlie Liberman (Tinnitus and Cochlear Nerve Repair and Measuring Hidden Hearing Loss)
      • Dr. Konstantina Stankovic (Imaging the Inner Ear in Tinnitus)
      • Dr. Anne Takesian (Neural Basis of Tinnitus)
      • Dr. Dan Polley (Tinnitus in the Brain and Testing Strategies in Humans)
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Thread Status:
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