Left Middle Ear Spasms with Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by Paul Atreides, Jun 25, 2020.

    1. Paul Atreides

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      Unknown, mild hearing loss both ears.
      Hello fellow members,

      First post on this site, very good info on here. I wanted to see if anyone has some insight regarding my symptoms.

      For the past month, I have been getting strange left ear spams inside the ear along with tonal ringing sound. I can feel them and hear them. They happen about 3 times per day and each lasts about 15 seconds. They are random thumps, like morse code. They seem to be triggered by large yawn/burp. My ear also feels full and muscles seem stiff around it.

      I do have some high-frequency hearing loss but in the other ear more so than this ear. ENT said it may be TMJ, saw a dentist he said he does not believe its TMJ. The ENT conducted an ABR test and it was negative. ENT does not seem to offer any solutions.

      Is this MEM or TTTS or something related? Its not triggered by any noises, although I feel like loud clingy noises like keys and plates bother me now in that ear. Also happens when am sleeping sometimes.

      I am trying to get some decent answers from my ENT. I hope someone on here can shed some perspective on this, it's bothering me so much.

      I have had anxiety for past 3 months, so muscle twitches all over body, eyes etc... could that be the cause?

      Thanks for your input!
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      A loud Concert - Noise Exposure
      I get this every now and again, unfortunately i've just put up with it, super annoying though

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