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      Chronic Sinusitus
      I've noticed my tinnitus since my early 20’s. I would only notice it in the early mornings when I woke up. I always thought it was caused by daily noise. Around the age of 40, I noticed it get louder. I could hear it, slightly, throughout the day. At 50, I can hear it over most loud noises. Today it is fairly loud.

      The noise I have is a single, unending, high-pitch squeal. You could almost call it a hiss. The noise is a lot like the old CRT TVs that had to warm up before they’d work properly. They would make a noise similar to what I hear. In the early mornings when it is quiet, I can hear lower registers and I've noticed up to 4 levels of noise. But mostly it is the very high pitch squeal.

      I also have chronic sinusitis. This is what I think caused my tinnitus as I had a few sinus infections that I didn't take care of. At the age of 44, I had sinus surgery where the doctor pulled 3 or 4 polyps out of my head the size of my thumb. Since the age of 30, I couldn't breathe through my nose because of those polyps. I've been clear for 11 years but my tinnitus has flared up and has stayed flared up.

      I noticed that caffeine aggravates my tinnitus. Aspirin does too. I found these Green-Tea fat burning pills that really aggravate my tinnitus. The only thing that helps decrease the level is exercise. Maybe it’s because I don’t really notice it while I’m riding my bicycle.

      My hearing hasn't been effected too much. I can still hear well.

      I've simply ignore it. I like to read and listen to music. I’m not really in search of a cure as I have a feeling that there isn't one. It doesn't really bother me too much.
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