Light Tinnitus, Finding Possible Cause?

Discussion in 'Support' started by erik93, Mar 4, 2015.

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      Hello guys.

      I Picked up my Tinnitus 2-3 months ago. It just arrived, one night when I was sleeping, as a low sound.
      Sometimes happens after concerts and so. But this time it remained.

      It went better, it went worse, it kind of shifts. Sometimes, its masked even in a quiet room with minimal background noise, like a clock ticking. So I dont experience it. Only at night, but Im not so bothered by it then.
      I dont know why, but my tinnitus kind of puts me to sleep. Its like, calming in a way.

      But its very annoying when I can hear it in the everyday life, like when in a quiet room, that really bugs me all though its very low.

      To sum it up:
      I have a real high, constant note, that is very low volume.
      So high pitch, low volume.
      Duration: 2-3 months.
      Shifts in strenght, sometimes barley noticable
      Sometimes, gone in the morning almost
      So, it varies in strenght.

      Meetings with doctor
      2 ear test has been made, and an advanced device to look into my ears.
      ZERO hearing loss, NOTHING damaged in my ears

      so my ears are perfectly fine.

      Other info
      Age: 21
      Gender: Male
      Stopped with coffeine. Result: positive
      Nicotine ( Swedish snus) no offect
      Exercise (no effect)
      Im a former runner and exercise a lot, so I dont know if it helps. I have not tried to stop exercise.
      Light Ear pain
      Sound sensitive
      Nose constantly blocks up


      Now, I dont have any hearing loss or damage to my ears.
      I have had, in the past, strange feelings in my throat and also jaw.
      I got quite and underbite, and sometimes popping in my jaw

      So what to do now?

      Please add here, other stuff that could cause my tinnitus that I could go see a doctor to examine

      I am a musician, and I have used a lot of headphones when I play guitar. I also have some ear pain, and have become a bit sound sensitive. So the truth might be I have some nerve damage that causes this.
      But Still, if there is a possibility its an issue I can fix, Id like to examine every possible option

      Right now, examine Jaw Joint tinnitus, or tinnitus associated to muscular, bite/teeth and so.
      Does the dentist know this stuff?

      Thank you
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      It could be jaw or sinus related; I noticed my T around the same time, and I have jaw issues and sinus congestion. When my jaw is sore or my sinuses are unusually blocked, the ringing is more prominent.

      That said, be careful spending too much time monitoring this, because you'll just increase your attention on it -- and several studies have shown that nearly everyone will perceive a high pitched noise when in total, perfect silence. It's just background noise from the nervous system doing its thing.

      Do you play in bands, or go to concerts/clubs? Any drug use, prescription or otherwise?
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      not sure
      If your T is low but it still bothers you, it is due to the newness of the T sensation or trauma. The body is rejecting this sensation. But the resistance is futile as T will do its ringing at lot of time regardless what we do. So the brain will turn up the stress signal thinking that T is a threat. Such action will contribute to anxiety and sometimes depression. You may want to try some masking during those times your T bothers you, or try not to react to T by adding more distractions such as pursuing hobbies or social events. These activities will neutralize the T signal or reduce it. As time goes by, your brain will gradually think that life goes back to normal even with T ringing, and hopefully it will then not treat T as a threat. This in turn will slowly reduce the negative reactions towards it. Also if all else fails, you can also ask the doctor for some mild meds to help deal with the nerve. But only use it as a last resort and you can phase it out later.
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      This sounds like what I have had the last 3 months, or at least the severity. Mine is like morse code, but is easily masked during the day. If it's quiet though, I can be watching TV, and when it cuts to the adverts and you get a few seconds a of silence, if I am thinking about it, I can hear it just for that intermittent period. Of course it's more noticeable at night, but I have decided to just not bother masking anymore as I feel am not adjusting if I do.

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