Like an Old Friend Who Sometimes Just Won't Go Home

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by steviedee, Dec 14, 2018.

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      I've been a tinnitus sufferer for a loooooong time...
      I'm 58 now but the cause of my tinnitus was working down a very noisy coal mine for 11 years. That's going back to the lats 80's / early 90's. I had my hearing examined, diagnosed industrial deafness and a warning that I will probably have progressive tinnitus.

      Well that prediction certainly came true!

      It's been tough. Its not so much the actual persistent ringing but the way it effects my life as a consequence. I actually avoid entering into discussions with 'New ' people because if they mumble or speak quickly or have a strong accent then I find myself constantly asking them to repeat themselves. Sometimes people just simply don't understand that being hard of hearing, for any reason, doesn't mean they are mentally slow!

      I avoid noisy pubs but I like a drink so have to be selective.

      In short, I avoid groups of people. Or if I'm forced (works Xmas party for example) I'll gravitate to the dance floor asap out of the way :)

      I say that my tinnitus is like an old friend because by and large I've come to accept it. Its part of me and actually, overall I quite like myself and I'm at peace with myself (I've also got a large nose and dodgy knees but so what!!)

      This helps. If someone wants to call me a deaf old B*****d that's their failing as a human being not mine ;)

      I also keep myself occupied as much as possible. Both physically and mentally. Whether it is work, gardening, DIY or simply reading a book. This pushes my tinnitus out of my conscience and into a void where it belongs. It puts me in a happier place.

      I had my worst episode yet last week. It was SCREAMING! My wife had to literally shout to overcome it.
      It was bought on by increased stress levels due to work pressures plus the fact that as I get older, it does seem to get louder anyway.
      I've had a doctors appointment and a referral to ENT at local hospital - only a 3 month wait.....

      Yes I'm a bit low at the moment but Its not going to get the better of me because I have a loving, understanding wife who now repeats herself automatically when we speak (not really but would be funny if she did) but more importantly, I love myself for who and what I am. I'm at peace.

      XO to fellow sufferers
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      not sure
      Warm welcome to the forum. Thank you for your post. You are like an old soldier on the T battle front, never quitting and yielding to the T foe even though it may increase its infliction on you. I admire that quality. I love that phrase "I'm at peace". It says a lot about the toughness and the stamina in your character. You are most welcome to stay to contribute helping some suffering newbies on the T battle front as a T veteran. You have walked the talk by having T for so long. Your words of advice and wisdom on living with T will be much appreciated. God bless.

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