Listen to music on the iPhone without hearing your tinnitus between 2 songs!

Discussion in 'Support' started by Ozzy, Oct 29, 2013.

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      * Ear infection * 20 years later huge sound increase due to stress
      I have a severe tinnitus and I was complaining about hearing my tinnitus between 2 songs when I listen music at my iPhone with the built-in music player app.

      As you know, at play mode, after a songs ends, the other one starts few seconds later. And in these seconds I had to hear my loud hissing tinnitus !

      I found an app called "Muxica". It gives a solution to above-mentioned problem. This app can remove the gaps between songs and provides seamless music experience with its "crossfading" function.

      I strongly recommend this!

      (Note: I have NO connection with the developers of this app.)
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      Wow that is great tool, thanks.
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