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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by FloVB, Jul 21, 2016.

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      I never thought a few weeks ago that I would write a success story - at least not as soon.

      10 weeks ago after two days of partying at a techno festival I began to hear a silent but constant ringing in my left ear. In the following three weeks I had ups and downs, sometimes the rining got louder, sometimes more silent - back then I didnt worry a lot - I saw an ENT who told me in a few weeks the sound will disapear. He prescribed me vitamines and Tebofortin (Ginkgo Biloba).

      Then I went to holidays for three weeks with my girlfriend and the ringing became much worse, I developed three different sounds in my head, which I heard almost always. I came back home and began to panic, I knew I had tinnitus, it bothered me a lot. I woke up in the middle of the night with a severe ringing, could hardly concentrate during work, familly dinner or watching football with friends. My life was about to change.

      At the same time that I developed my T, I had a difficult time with my girlfriend for different reasons not related to my situation. More than that, she too had health issues. We both went through very dark days. I began to think about life and death, and often I was very scared that I could never be happy again.

      Then in week 7 i saw another ENT that prescribed me a 5-days cortison therapy. My T completely stopped after 24h but came back also 24h after stopping to take cortison. But somehow I had the impression that the T didn't come back as loud as before, I still heard three different noises in my head, but since the therapy all sounds were slightly muffled. That was week 8.

      Then two weeks after the therapy my mood began to deteriorate once more, I started to wake up again in the middle of the night, couldn't fall asleep again, the sound was still constantly in my head - it wasn't easy. Then in week 9 I decided to be more positive about life. I told myself that there are people living under much worse conditions than I, many people live with live-threatening diseases or are physically or mentally seriously handicapped and that I should see things more positive and try to accept the ringing, care less about it and live my life just as before.

      Soon after I had a lot of work at my job and thanks to the stressfull time at work, I slowly started to forget about my T for hours during work, basically not hearing it. And since then every day it got a little better.

      I forget about my T during even longer times, not hearing it when eating out with my friends, not hearing it at a concert I recently went to (with ear protection), not hearing or forgetting it during discussions with my girlfriend, during sex, etc.

      And for two days now I only hear one dull and silent ringing in my ear, two of the noises disappeared, and since then I sleep at night without medication.

      During the last 10 weeks I also got prescribed antidepressants, which I stopped taking. I can say that I am pretty confident that I will live a happy life with this silent ringing in my ear that I most often forget about anyways. I am even thinking that the sound could completely disappear in a couple of weeks or months.

      Even if the sound in my ear would become louder again, I think that I see things a little bit different now, and will not panic about it and be confident that this isn't the worse thing that can happen in life, and as my story proves, T can go away - almost or even completely.

      From my point of view the most important thing is that you stop worrying about every little things in life, appreciate what you have, and first and foremost do live normally as before and do not change your habits too much (see your friends, go to concerts, go out, maybe start yoga or something that does you good).
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      Very lucky !

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