Long-Term Sufferer... But Fighting Back

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by MikeFlint, Aug 29, 2014.

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      I've had T since I don't know when. At least since 98, but possibly earlier. I've been to doctors who have not really diagnosed a cause, so I've tried various treatments.

      It's only in one ear, and high frequency. So long as I'm not in silence, I can deal with it. The constant static hum of electricity in modern life is good at reducing it, but irritating too.

      Just recently I've been trying out a lot of things to see if they have any impact. I keep switching between thinking it's a blockage outside the eardrum to a middle-ear issue with blocked Eustachian Tube. Tried many "ear cleaning" products, but none cause debris to flood out of the ear ... I get more from my 'good' ear which makes me think the bad one isn't producing anything - like glue ear?

      My ear feels blocked, and hurts more if I fly (pressure) and it never really pops (although sometimes I can get a semi-pop!) ... trying to pop my ears makes it worse ... again makes me think middle ear pressure.

      Gone through a number of remedies for middle-ear - antihistamines, nasal sprays and the like. They seem to increase the crackling noise in my ears which makes me think they have some impact and where the issue might be. I'm now contemplating the 'Ear Popper' as Boots sell it - so it can't be complete quackery(!)

      I've put up with it for so long now it'd be bizarre not to hear it; but I've given myself until the end of the year to try out any remedy I can. Then one more try with the doctors, but they don't seem to have any decent treatments.

      When trying to sleep I listen to the radio on very low volume - this helps a bit.
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      I have had a high pitched ringing in my left ear for 7 years,it started when i was prescibed the anti inflammatory diclofenic,even though i stopped taking it straight away the ringing never stopped.
      To be honest i have got used to it and most of the time i can forget about it.
      A few weeks ago i thought it was getting worse so i went for a hearing test and i have a slight high frequency hearing loss,i was given hearing aids and i find that when wearing them i don't hear the ringing at all,it is still there when i take them out,but i can live with that.
      Have you had a hearing test,the audioligist told me that if you have some hearing loss the brain tries to make up the sounds you cant hear but dosn't get it quite right hence the tinnitus.
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      Thanks for your reply.

      I think mine started after a long plane journey, but I can't give an exact date. My hearing of high frequencies in my bad ear is non-existent but i think that's the T blocking those frequencies. Hearing aids are an option, but I want to carry on self-messing for a bit longer!
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      I have Tinnitus since Dec 2010. I have been trying to ignore it, since last 6 months. It helps a bit. I am on .5 mg Xanax and 300mg Nurotin every night and it helps me sleep and I am ok till noon next day.

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