Long Time Tinnitus Sufferer Here, Sudden Spike Like Never Before...

Discussion in 'Support' started by Victor5535, Mar 23, 2015.

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      HI !

      First post here, hope i am doing this correctly.

      Lately i had a sudden "spike" in my T, something i had never experience before. Now, i've had episodes where my Tinnitus got really bad because of stress or something like that , but this is something totally different.

      I woke up one morning and my ringing was different. Im used to the tone of it changing ocasionally or maybe getting a bit louder, but this time it was insanely loud. What is weird is that i can hear the " old tinnitus" on top of the new one. Basically i have 2 ringings in my ear right now.

      Things that could have been a factor is that i have recently started living on my own, so i have been eating terribly which could affect it. The second thing is that i had a pretty terrible Reflux episode lately ( i suffer from Acid reflux) but honestly those episodes have happenes my entire life, so i dont see how that could be it. Finnaly, it could be Wax i guess? i try to clean it with a Q tip ( i know, not the correct way to do it) and the inside of my ear actually hurts which leads me to believe that there is Dry / hard wax deeper inside my ear

      Can anyone related to any of these things? Usually these spikes go away quickly but this one has been lasting for a month. It got better a few weeks ago but its back to being really loud now. In over 10 years of dealing with tinnitus, this is totally new to me.


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      tinnitus can change suddenly. without reason.

      have you visited a ear nose throat doctor?

      they can see if you have wax buildup or other issues.

      use oil to soften the wax! or over the counter wax drops! never use q-tips! haven't you been taught that Q-tips are the worst for ears, they put the wax farther in the ear canal! stop using them!
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      Yeah i have been using olive oil actually, thats why i dont believe its wax. Its just so random.

      I think it has something to do with acid reflux honestly. A friend of mine that also has tinnitus once told me that the ringing started after a random night where he got some sort of food poisoning. He puked and felt really bad and the morning after he got tinnitus. I had a Pretty bad episode of acid reflux a few nights before the ringing got bad, but its something ive had my entire life so i dont see how it could be it, even tho it does sound reasonable.
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      Acoustic trauma
      read this:

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