Looking for What Potentially Caused My Tinnitus During a VERY Dark Time...

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      Hello! In advance, I'd like to thank every person who takes the time to read and respond to my story. {{{hugs}}} Sending my love and endless admiration to anybody else dealing with this issue as well.

      Here's a bit of background...Started having ear fullness and pressure mid-October 2020. Went to several ENTs and was diagnosed with a cervicogenic headache due to pressure points and one diagnosis for tinnitus (though at the time only heard occasional whooshing, not ringing.) This was entirely concentrated in one year. All clear tests from the ENT w no hearing loss.

      Flash forward to mid-November when I went away with some friends. On Wednesday night speakers the first night were loud and during one song I heard cracking instead of a pitch (but only happened once.) Had loud tinnitus that night but woke up to silence the next morning and didn't notice anything until trying to fall asleep. The following Tuesday I noticed a very, very soft high-pitched ringing in my right ear that was perhaps there all the time but I wasn't looking for it. Tinnitus continued up and down (increasing during tinnitus related anxiety attacks) for a few weeks (approx. 3) before spreading to my left ear. Would noise induced tinnitus be this belated in the other ear? Sometimes it sounds like it's more in my head than my ears. After a follow up hearing test I have no hearing loss at any pitch.

      I work in a Parkinson's focused lab doing surgeries with my neck hyperextended and bent 18+ hours a week and started this about 3 months before all of my ear troubles started. I have TMJ and also my tinnitus changes volume when I move my neck, clench my teeth/jaw, press certain points around my mandible. Still sound noise induced? I have a lot of neck pain and inflammation that I can feel around the base of my skull at the top of my neck along with a consistent headache radiating from the back of my neck.

      My tinnitus is essentially non-existent in the morning after a good night sleep when I first wake up and start my day but loud by end. The people on this forum seem far more educated on tinnitus than any ENT, so any potential diagnoses are welcome. I've moved back in with my parents at the ripe age of 23 and things are getting very, very dark for me. I don't know how long I can do this for. Any and all input is welcome. xx <3
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      Welcome to the forum. Forgive me to clarify. Are you a doctor then?

      It seems you may have a somatic type of tinnitus where your body/jaw movement can change the nature of the tinnitus ringing.

      Have you had treatment for TMJ? Neck muscle problem is also a known trigger for tinnitus. Often people do massage or seek out a chiropractor who specializes on tinnitus caused by neck muscle problem.

      Good luck to you. Best to your speedy recovery. God bless.

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