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      Hello readers and friends,

      My name is Riccardo Marino

      I always forget that I'm not the only person that lives with tinnitus, It's probably because I rarely come across people who have experienced it or have even heard of it. This isn't an inspiring success story neither is it a depressing failure. It's just the life I live now, a life in which I'm learning to cope with a common problem. My method simply put is to continue living my life passionately. To me it's black and white, I can either wallow or I can move on. This path is easier said than done but I've tried almost everything just as I'm sure all of you have. I'm happy to know I hav stumbled upon such an amazing site in which we can all relate and have hope. It's been over a year now of the hardest days I've lived in my 24 years of life. But in those days I've smiled many times and I've lifted my chin up high and stared into the face of this beautiful world. I can never go back to the person I was before tinnitus but the greatest part of all is that forward is the only way I can go. I wish best for you all in finding peace once again. Life doesn't stop till the day you die but living is a choice you make till that day. Good luck to you all
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