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Discussion in 'Support' started by Petloy, Nov 16, 2012.

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      I was at the ATM yesterday, when a car with loud mufflers just roared by close to me, I got hit on my right ear, (it was about 2-3 second exposure) I felt immediate slight pain for several hours I'm having a bad spike right now...I was doing well lately and I have a celebration to attend in 2 days. Has this happened to anyone here too? Why is my spike now in both ears when the right one was the one hit? Arrrggggghh!
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      What a shame!! I hope it sorts itself out soon, and it probably will. DD
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      July 2012
      I have had the same thing happen to me at few occasions, for example an ambulance passing by close to me with it's loud siren. I always felt my tinnitus being louder afterwards, but I think it was due to stress. I was afraid it has caused me some damage and that made my tinnitus louder. But after I would calm down, the "spike" always went away after few days. I wish you the same Petloy! Let us know if you feel better!

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