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Discussion in 'Support' started by Jamescjl, Dec 31, 2015.

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      About 2 days ago I developed a new sound like a chirping type of sound and last night
      after struggling to sleep I stated with a whooshing sound like the ocean which comes
      on around every few seconds then stops and then starts again in a cycle

      What made things worse is that after only a couple of hours sleep if that
      I woke to the original sound which is higher pitched much louder to the point of when
      I put my head on the pillow it's really loud.

      This is really difficult to live with especially with new sounds developing and the volume
      I try not to stress but it's just hard, I try not to stress and try be positive and i've been to ENTS and for MRI and everything is Fine just really struggling to cope with all this

      Sorry for a negative post
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      Hi James,
      It sounds like you're picking up pulsatile tinnitus on top of your normal tinnitus sound.
      This could be stress related when you heart rate rises
      and picking up your carotid artery pulse.
      Try not to worry as tinnitus can change in sound and strength and staying calm will help.
      keep posting for support....lots of love glynis

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