Low Frequency Tinnitus for 1 Month

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      Hello everyone!
      I’ve been lurking around here for about 2 weeks now, and I want to introduce myself.

      A bit of background about me: I’m 16, I’ve had no family history of ear problems, I’ve had no past ear infections, and I have seasonal allergies that flare up at about this time.

      Ever since about a month ago I’ve felt pressure in my ears (like how it feels when you change elevation, and your ears pop). I went to my doctor, and he prescribed me some antihistamines (fexofenadine, montelukast, and nasal spray) to help with what he assumes are my allergies (he also prescribed me doxycycline monohydrate for my acne). I found this odd because seasonal allergies have only affected my nose. The ear pressure went away (somewhat), but tinnitus replaced it. It’s high frequency, and I can only hear it when everything is dead silent. My tinnitus is at it’s worst when I wake up. Everything feels congested and I become sensitive to noises like closing and shutting doors. After about 30 minutes, my nose is back to normal, my ears are no longer sensitive, but the ringing persists.

      As far as I can tell, I have no hearing loss. I can hear everyone just fine, and can I hear high frequency sounds like birds chirping. Additionally, I have no vertigo, headaches, ear pain, or ear discharge (symptoms typically associated with infections or rare diseases). I did get what seemed to be a sinus infection about a week ago. I was blowing out green mucus, and was bedridden all day. Oddly enough, the ringing stopped, but the ear pressure came back when this happened.

      What’s causing this? Am I just being paranoid? Is it just allergies? Has anyone been through or is going through a similar situation to mine? It’s driving me crazy just thinking about it. I’m scared that I could have the possibility of loosing my hearing (I play both piano and guitar as a hobby). I’m going to go see my doctor again tomorrow to see what he has to say about this situation, but I would also like advice from you guys too!:)

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