Low Hum Turning to a Vibration When I Focus on It

Discussion in 'Support' started by jordan85, Jan 12, 2016.

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      Hey there,

      I'm a 30 year old and I haven't been diagnosed with Tinnitus before as I have a bit of a phobia with seeing medical personnel but I'm pretty sure I've had some form of high pitched Tinnitus for years. Recently however I've started to notice a low hum whenever I listen out for my tinnitus in a quiet room or at night.

      I noticed it because I've been playing a lot of late night gaming sessions between 12 midnight and 1-2am where I would feel a rumble in my ears as if I had just did a bit of exercise. I dismissed it initially as either stress, anxiety or posture related (I crane my head back sitting on front of the TV). One night about a couple of weeks ago I went up to bed and noticed that noise was still there, a sort of rhythmic hum. Then I noticed, actually it seems to be there all the time, I've just noticed it recently when it is at it's loudest.

      Since then I've Googled, panicked and freaked out thinking it might be something serious and that I'd have to see a doctor, get an MRI and all sorts of things that terrify me (which seems to amplify the noise). It's been occupying my thoughts every day since I noticed it, I managed to forget about it a bit over the weekend after calming myself down, but now I'm into the second week of it I'm a bit nervous.

      Here are the causes that I've potentially narrowed it down to:

      - Roadworks at the end of my street have started recently and I seem to be VERY much in tune with the lower frequency noises they make during weekdays now because I'm listening out for the hum
      - Stress, anxiety etc - although I only noticed it over Christmas which was probably the most relaxed I've been for a while
      - Jaw disorders - after research I've read about TMJ. I'm pretty sure I have it to some degree. About 11 years ago my front teeth stopped biting down on each other meaning I'd have to use my canine teeth to tear some thin foods - the front ones come down enough to tear 99% of foods. That hasn't changed in 11 year UNTIL over the Christmas break I've noticed almost every morning I've woken up being able to make those front teeth meet again which hasn't happened for over a decade now. It's the only noticeable change in my body, I don't feel dizzy, the sensation isn't isolated to one ear (I hear it mostly in my left but it seems to register around the middle of my head) I'm just seeking reassurance really that I've got nothing to worry about and that I can move on with my life

      Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance!
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      I experience what you describe in addition to my usual high frequency hissing...

      I notice it mostly at night..but not all the time...

      I used to think it was a car idling out the front ...

      It doesnt bother me so much these days...i dont give it any attention...

      I dont think you need to worry that it signifies something sinister. Relax..distract yourself away from it..and try the suggestions made in the back to silence threads. Youll be fine ☺
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    3. AUTHOR

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      Thanks for your response! I feel relaxed even hearing that I'm not alone :) the car idling noise is EXACTLY how I would describe mine too, you've just done a better job of it! Did yours just appear out of the blue?
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      I also have the same. Started maybe 3 months ago when we lived in another house. Just out the blue could hear a really loud rumbling noise like a car was approaching but never did. We do live on a road but a quiet road. It was a relief when a car did command go past but then the low hum would still be there. I spent night wandering around outside in the dead of night trying to find cause. But could not really hear it outside. After a few nights (could hear it in the day but less so) it seemed to stop. Then to started a few weeks later. Then we moved to a new house and while not as bad and definitely not as loud I can hear it, especially at night. We are again in a village at the end of a lane. It now seems mainly in my left ear. If I put my finger in my ear it stops.

      I have seen an ENT although did not mention the noise just had a general examination and he did not find anything.
    5. Headrush13

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      This is exactly what I hear. A low frequency sound like a diesel engine idling. Does not appear to be coming from a fixed direction. When I rotate my head it seems to go away but starts again when I focus for a few seconds at a certain fixed position. Happens only at night when everything is peaceful.
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      Along with my high pitch noise, my rhythmic vibrational hum started a few months ago and I think it's here to stay unfortunately.... some systems it doesn't bother me, but other times it gets so louder than my T noise.... it's strange though ----when I cup my ears, the vibrational noise disappears. Anyone else have that same experience? Thanks.
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      Baseline: born with it, Morse code since 01/2017: dentist
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      Hans---thanks for that article. Although it says ear plugs did not decrease it, it does sound like what I am hearing. I wish there was some way to tune it out. It seems to be louder than my high pitch noise, but they both work in tandem to drive me crazy....

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