Low Rumbling/Frequency Tinnitus — Possible to Habituate?

Discussion in 'Support' started by annevinth, May 22, 2020.

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      Spinal leak from birth epidural
      Hi everyone

      I have had a deep rumbling/motor noise sound in my left ear accompanied with some hyperacusis for 8 months now. I came after a dural puncture from a birth epidural. A blood patch first alleviated the tinnitus along with headache for three months. Then one morning I woke up with this again and it has been there ever since. I am still in a diagnosis process, doctors trying to figure out if I still have a spinal leak or maybe a perilymph fistula (although not dizzy) from the puncture. But I have not gotten any better since 8 months ago. I am really struggling to live with this. Feeling so distressed, depressed and down. I feel like it is literally impossible to habituated to this sound/feeling. I got some high frequency tones in my ears after a second blood patch, and although in the beginning I was down about this, after just a few weeks they don't really bother me. But it is completely different with this low rumble/vibration feeling in the ear. It acts very differently from the high frequency; it stops whenever I talk or people talk to me or other sound impressions - I feel like this makes it very difficult to just ignore because it just goes on/off all the time. Also I found out that long car rides can eliminate the sound or makes it much quieter for a day or two. And I have actually been driving every other day to keep it at bay.

      But i just really need some success stories from people with similar tinnitus sound, who has gotten adapted/habituated. I feel this is a very different and much different tinnitus than the "regular" high pitched noises. And it is now because I want to underestimate how terrible ringing tinnitus can be, I just feel like there isn't much information about this kind of weird low frequency tinnitus which seems to act a bit different than the other.

      So please, if you have gotten any tips, success stories or just info about this thing i would really appreciate it.

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