Lyrica Causing Side Effects Like Buzzing/Humming in the Head and Hyperacusis?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Mike34, Nov 15, 2014.

    1. Mike34

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      Does H usually start immediately after a "sound event"? Mine started about two weeks ago months after a possible sound event. Just seems odd, which is why I'm looking into medication as a cause. Has anyone that has used Lyrica had side effects like buzzing/humming in the head and hyperacusis?
    2. Many meds can cause T and H.
    3. demi
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      I thought my H came from a sound event as well, and my audiologist said it was unlikely since it was almost 2 months after an event. She said it probably was from the stress/depression I had put my self into. But yes medication can cause both T&H.
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      @demi and @Mike34 when here2help was here i recall him telling me that it is not uncommon for H to start after T, or some time after the sound incident occurred.
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      It's interesting that you mention that @demi . I often wonder if thats how mine started. Wether it was from the sound event, or the intense stress and anguish that started after. Interestingly enough, since I have managed to get a bit of a hold on my stress i've noticed that my H has gotten a bit better. I'm still waiting to get evaluated (1 WEEK to go!)and then I shall finally be able to see where I stand.
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      noise + injury
      So does anyone have any experiences with Pregabalin/Lyrica? I read some horror stories on the internet but then recently came across this:
      "My psychiatrist called up his expert pharmacist and inquired about new drugs for tinnitus. He mentioned a study in Spain where Lyrica reduced tinnitus volume by 60% in most of the patients with severe tinnitus."

      I am currently on 300 mg/a day.

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