Magnesium Citrate Dosage and Lipoflavonoid

Discussion in 'Support' started by Emily Sanchez, Jul 25, 2015.

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      Hey Everyone!
      I got noise induced T about a month ago, tried prednisone but it didn't work out for me. An ENT gave me lipoflavanoid plus supplements but said they probably wouldn't do anything. So I want to give magnesium a try. I bought magnesium citrate. The bottle says that the daily dose is 250mg but I have read that some of you take way more. How much should I be taking. I also have lots of trouble falling asleep so would taking them at a certain time help? I'm just hoping to reduce volume/ anxiety. As I feel that it's getting worse the more I think about it.

      Do you think I could take magnesium citrate and the lipoflavanoid too? I'm scared of taking too many supplements at once.
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      Most likely hearing loss
      Yes, you should be fine. It is hard to overdue it with magnesium and Lipoflavinoids. Too much magnesium can cause a laxative like effect but you should be ok taking several a day. Lipoflavinoids are just vitamins like Emergen-C or drinking Vitamin water and quite harmless unless you are consuming and inordinate amount.
    3. Mag citrate is no good..You need glycinate :) I take over 2000 mg a day.

      - not for T or H..but pain.

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