Major Spinal Issues — from C1 to S1 — Plus Scoliosis and Cervical Instability AND Now Tachycardia

Discussion in 'Support' started by BlueRain, Sep 24, 2020.

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      So, because I kept winding up in ER's freaked out to the max with all of the sudden heart palpitations going insane - the last EKG just done showed a heart block (1st degree) and have a whole bunch of other things now going on together like chest pains. This kind of is motivating to find out the cause of the tinnitus/heart stuff going on and maybe linking it all back to my spine and the vagus nerve.

      I know the vagus has been mentioned about 1 million times here but I'm seriously now believing that because of the scoliosis and the stenosis going on in both neck and thoracic area that both nerves enervating the ear and heart are being compressed. Trouble is that I did MRI's and CT's and nobody ever thought to link the issues together.

      Is there someone who is doing research on this? Anyone here who can relate and can share what they've found that can work in terms of diagnostics and treatment - i.e. a cure?

      I've had 3 tachycardia episodes in 3 days and I know this can't be good. Blood came back good - because the problem is not in the blood. Duh. Imaging via echo doesn't show the spine but did show some left ventricle stiffening - could this be due to a compressed cardiac nerve? Imaging of skull - MRI - probably could use a better radiologist who could look for the tinnitus connection there if it is there and is showing up. Radiologist who did the reading obviously wasn't looking for anything related to that. Same with the thoracic spine - I have all the images here - all I need is for one good radiologist to look at them and tell me if there is anything that could possibly be the cause for what's going on. Someone who REALLY knows where to look. Otherwise - thinking my way out of this is downhill. I can't let that happen.
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      PM me those images and the written results and I can show them to my physiotherapist for a second opinion. Can’t hurt.

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