Management of Tinnitus in English NHS Audiology Departments: An Evaluation of Current Practice

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      Management of tinnitus in English NHS audiology departments: an evaluation of current practice
      Derek J. Hoare PhD,*, Phillip E. Gander PhD, Luke Collins MA, Sandra Smith BSc, Deborah A. Hall PhD

      They decided to evaluate how well Audiology Departments offer management services to tinnitus patients.

      So who did they decide to ask for an opinion? The tinnitus patients? Don't be stupid - who cares what they think.

      No the audiologists were asked to rate their own services. That's like Trip Advisor asking hotel owners to rate their own hotels.

      And the verdict.

      "respondents are satisfied with the service they currently provide to tinnitus patients. A total of 70% considered their service to be effective. Only 4% described their service as ineffective."

      Well that is a surprise!

      Stop insulting our intelligence Drs Hoare, Hall et al. Who do you think you're fooling. Tinnitus management services for patients are completely inadequate - as most tinnitus patients know from bitter personal experience. That's probably why you didn't ask us in the first place.

      This article is up for an award - the only award it deserves is one for unintentional hilarity.
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      I have never been to an ENT in the UK, went to an audiologist, they explained the same old crap. Does anyone recommend trying to get a brain scan on the NHS to see if there is any hyperactivity, will they even do that do Tinnitus and is it worth it? Really reluctant on seeing anyone who hasn't dedicated the career to Tinnitus, I just want to hear the absolute truth and workings of the condition face to face, I do not mind if there is currently no super cure available.
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      Hi Deep

      It's pretty difficult to get the NHS to do an MRI scan - keeping costs down is their main concern as you'll know. I think the MRI is normally to see if there are any tumours or any underlying health issues. One of the problems with tinnitus is there are so many different possible causes.
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      This is downright insulting.
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      Why dont they take their stupid report and shove it up their bottles.

      Ridiculous ,they are completely and utterly useless when it comes to T.
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      I got tinnitus while staying in England. I went to see an ENT surgeon and never was he even slightly interested in the cause of my tinnitus. As you say, there's a plethora of possible causes expect from the most "common" ones but the expert only wanted to talk about the infinity of my condition and how impossible it was to cure it. I can't believe how ignorant some people can be. After this experience I have written with more than one person that got rid of T. When reading stories on this topic I find that numerous people all around the world go from heavy T to no T at all, for years! By finding a plausible cause this could lead to a better understanding of the T type thus making it easier to find a treatment and/or a prognosis that corresponds with the actual condition.

      The only thing that can get a doctor occupied with the T patient is if she/he has it too. Then the authentic interest is there and also the real motivation for treating the condition. By the way, how many "the doctors said it was totally incurable so they are all shocked that I was cured from it " stories haven't we read trough the years? That is applicable for so many different conditions. When I left that ENT surgeons office I felt so much worse about it than when I arrived. I expected the guy to at least be interested in why I had what I have. Not a single question about anything, just a hearing test that came out normal and then all that talk about having T forever.

      People, let's not be "good patients". We need to react and say what we feel in these meetings. I wish I had the energy to tell that guy my impression of him, but I was in chock and just wanted to leave. I think it's possible that I'll write directly to Harbour Hospital in Pool and make a complaint - would be extra good to do that when my T goes away!
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      yes agree with you completely Per about how we need to be much more vocal as patients - not easy I know when we are going through something so traumatic. Write a review or comment about your ENT doctor on websites such as NHS Choices - I know it's not much but it is at least one route where you can give your feedback.

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