Sep 21, 2012
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Member, Male, from London

Hi lynn suppose best answer is who knows,,I bought my own unit worked the ear and areas that are supposed to help but nothing. Feb 1, 2015

    1. DebInAustralia
      Hey there :) I recall you saying that when you had covid, your tinnitus got a lot better, but returned to baseline when you recovered? is that still the case? i had a very low (highly unusual) day yesterday at the height of feeling rubbish with a cold. I wondered if there was any connection (shift in infectious load/cytokines/inflammation???)
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    2. Lou03
      Hi Carl ! I wanted to know what caused your tinnitus ? And how loud was it when it started ?
      Take care ;)
    3. Thuan
      Hi carlover, I read about your post about hearing aids helping with your tinnitus and that you wear them to sleep. Have you had any issues with them sleeping? Did it break them or wear them out more? Any tips for someone interested in looking for hearing aids to help with the tinnitus? Thank you.
    4. vlad2019
      Any success with laser please ?
      1. carlover
        Hello mate never used it cant comment sorry
        Aug 17, 2019
    5. Elaine123
      hello, i saw your post about that clicking sound you described. i have the excact same. do you already know what this could be?
      1. carlover
        Hello Elaine,,drives you nuts doesnt it I cant sadly offr any explanation I have read /heard that it just part of the symptoms of having Tinnitus. I used to think it was Eustachion tube issues but they are very difficult to sort out and ive done the lot from Neti pots to buying " ear popper" unit to steroid nasal sprays ...I think its a red herring and just a symtom of having Tinnitus
        Apr 8, 2019
    6. Llouiseandhector
      Hello nice to meet you i hope your feeling well could you tell me if you still get ear fullness? I have been suffering thus now for a while and it's very worrying
      1. carlover
        Hiya sadly I do and I know its just tinnitus symptoms Eustachian tube problems is a red herring with my hearing aids in my T eases off and so dos the fullness ,good luck to you
        Oct 2, 2017
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    7. WaqasVic
      Do you have any tips for somatic tinnitus ? Thank you
    8. DT_N_DA_CLUB
      I just read one of your older posts about you ear infection. Well I am getting over an ear infection and unfortunately I now have a new tinnitus tone. It is a pure tone that sounds like a dial tone. I'm afraid I can't handle the new sound. I already here hissing, cichada sounds, electrical high frequency sounds now it's accomponied by a lower vaccum cleaner or dial tone sound.
      1. DT_N_DA_CLUB
        Do you have any insight how i can adapt?
        Nov 26, 2016
      2. DT_N_DA_CLUB
        For reference I had existing tinnitus then got an ear infection now I have a new tinnitus tone.
        Nov 26, 2016
    9. whitebeach
      Hi Carl,

      Saw that you have a TerraQuant TQ Solo Portable Cold Laser. Does it work?! Need for pain.
      1. carlover
        Hello Buddy,

        In all honesty a complete and utter waste of money. Never worked on anything I had from tendonitis in bicep to achilles tendonitis which laser is supposed to be good for ,sadly.
        Nov 5, 2016
    10. Amanda6
      Hi Carlover
      I was a member on the RNID tinnitus forum, and was having treatment for my TMJ. Not sure if you remember me. I have read some of your posts on this group. How are you getting on with any treatment for the TMJ?
      1. carlover
        Hi Amanda I remeber you of course i do :) Saw your Mr Hedger said Ive gt it really badf wants 10k for 2/3 years treatment havent got rhat sort of money so I live with it,how about youreself? All the best Amanda.Pete
        May 30, 2016
      2. Amanda6
        my treatment didn't work out. My TMJ is worse. Is there any way of sending you a private message on here, or an email?
        May 30, 2016
      3. carlover
        hi amanda give me a ring tomorrow anytime 07979 965046 or x
        May 30, 2016
    11. BrStan@
      Hi carlover,

      Before you were fitted with hearing aids were you able to mask your T easily.
      And at which high freq is your hearing loss.
      I also have HF loss and very bad T i am going for a free trial H aids, but i am not very optimistic.
      1. carlover
        Hi ,my T is unmaskable without hearing aids which deaden it by a good 50% I dont know how id cope ,great you have a free trial think my T is around 4000 optimistic my Dr said i know I dont believe him but they will take the edge off ...
        May 30, 2016
    12. carlover
      Hi lynn suppose best answer is who knows,,I bought my own unit worked the ear and areas that are supposed to help but nothing.
    13. Lynn G
      Lynn G
      Hi carlover, you posted a while ago you tried SCENAR with Jane Albright, and just below said it was a waste of time. Do you think Zephiloyd is also a waste of time? Was it the practitioner or the technique?
      1. Paulmanlike
        Zephiloyd? Hahaha is he still going?! Remember him when he was just starting out!!
        Aug 25, 2017
    14. sweetincense
      Hi there! I would like to discuss with you at a bit of length your experiences with Shaolin Wahnam Qi Gong and Zhineng Qi gong. I am considering training in both. thank you!
    15. applewine
      Is your tinnitus related to TMJ? My tinnitus started with two simultaneous events, one was a drug exposure and also TMJ dysfunction so it could be both. Can you send private messages on here? What did that scenar appointment consist of?
      1. carlover
        Hiya TMJ dont talk about TMJ ,spent thousands on teeth !! lolscenar bought my own unit. waste of time.
        Apr 28, 2014
    16. yahbenyah
    17. kevin b
      kevin b
      I tried a hearing aid yesterday at the low setting and it seemed to help, then I went back to turn it up to the next level and it was a little rough, had to take them out for awhile, was it a process for you to get adjusted to them?
    18. carlover
    19. jennifer anderson
      jennifer anderson
      hi i have pulsatile tinitus for some six weeks will be undergoing tests shortly however dont see much coming out of is taking over my life and i cant sleep jennifer
    20. carlover
      Live London
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