Many Long Years with Tinnitus — Need Advice

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Walker155, May 5, 2019.

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      Noise exposure
      I don’t do this much but I’ve decided to join the group here. I’m 68 and feel like I’ve had tinnitus since the late 1800’s. It's a joke. Really though it seems like it’s always been there even as a child and then acerbated by having fireworks dropped on me when about 12 years old and later exposure to farm machinery.

      August 25, 1995 the place I worked for installed fire alarms which were tested without warning at their default (loudest) setting which drove me to the floor and actually shorted out a co workers hearing aids. Yes, there was a L&I claim that was finally paid at a pittance after I got really frustrated explaining myself for three years.

      Now after retirement and spending nearly all my days with my lovely wife I’m experiencing more communication problems which she rightfully continues to bring to my attention. Yes, I protect my ears when mowing and edging the lawn, and yes I have some hearing loss, mostly high frequency. But the real problem, as I can best describe it, is being surrounded by a wall of sound (the tinnitus). It’s as loud as speech and I have to concentrate through it to hear people talking to me.

      Forty years ago I was tested for a masking device at the Portland Oregon Medical Center and by the time they turned the test masking device up high enough to even start to mask the tinnitus everyone else in the room could hear it. One nurse who realized how loud it is in my head actually started to tear up and left the room. That’s pretty much my history.

      So, now I’m looking at hearing assistance devices and trying also to find what’s new in masking technology. Don’t see the benefit really of going with expensive prescribed aids since I don’t really have that kind of money to experiment with and also I worked with a fellow a little older than me who was constantly having trouble with what he described as state of the art hearing aids (no I can’t remember what brand).

      I’m now looking at Nuheara IQboost devices. So, are there comments on this site as to whether these particular devices help or not?

      Any recommendations as to where else I can seek masking testing and treatment in the Oregon, Washington or Idaho?

      I just don’t really know where to start actually: with hopefully newer and better masking technology or something like the Nuheara products.
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      Hello and welcome to Tinnitus Talk. I recently got Audicus hearing aids with a remote control. Their Clara model is popular and you can add many features. The last one we got had an in-dock charging station which is nice. You can get also get a built in masker. They are a discount online seller.
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      Welcome to the forum, @Walker155, it is nice to meet you.

      I am not able to be of much help, unfortunately. Hopefully another member will be able to offer up something.

      ETA....I just noticed that you have had a reply. :)

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