Mason Vitamins New Advance Ear Health Formula Caplets and Other Options

Discussion in 'Support' started by mexigrl64, May 17, 2015.

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      I purchased this recently online. It contains the following:

      Vitamin C - 300 mg (ascorbic acid)
      Vitamin B1 - 1 mg (thiamin mononitrate)
      Vitamin B2 - 3 mg (riboflavin)
      Niacin - 10mg (niacinamide)
      Vitamin B6 - 1 mg (pyridoxine)
      Vitamin B12 - 5 mg (cyanocobalamin)
      Pantothenic Acid - 5 mg (d calcium pantothenate)
      Calcium - 87 mg (dicalcium phosphate)
      Choline - 334 mg (choline bilatrate)
      Bioflavinoids - 600 mg (lemon bioflavinoids + Eriodictyol Glycoside)
      Inositol - 334 mg

      At first it seemed to really help and I was all excited :) However it's been a few weeks and it's not helping as much, but there is still some relief. I'm wondering which ingredient might be making the difference. This was super reasonable at 10.00 per bottle so I thought I would try it. Lots of good reviews but I know enough to be skeptical after 15 years with H and now T.

      Does anyone take anything similar that works for them? Do you know which of these ingredients might be worth really considering?

      I also take a few other supplements but they are things I've been taking all along so I figure this must be making the difference. Even if it's slight I will take it (or in my mind, which still works). If anyone has research or experience with any of these ingredients I would be really interested in hearing about it.

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      Yes I have although I'm so skeptical that I'm not sure it could be placebo. It's always possible and it's certainly not "cured" it but I do feel like the volume is a little less from time to time. Small steps....

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