Massage Chairs (Not Kidding)

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      I do have accessed to a massage chair, medical one. ($10,000). Costco sells them too.
      On list, it says it is for tinnitus. I take 3 treatments so far and no relief. I guess that should I have better attitude and do more. I do the sleep mode by the way, it relaxs you. If that chair work, I would have bought one. I am not giving up on it. Anyone else do the massage chair.
      If you got a friend that has one, try it.

      That chair was just sitting there, it was offered so many times to try it. It is not my thing.
      But if you want to get well, do what you have do?? Interesting Articles.
      You can read about it on line. If they are making wild claims. It has neck massage on it too
      by the way. The way we located this chair, they got a shop in the shopping center.
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      West End show. Came back 2015 vitamin D overdose prescribed
      I can see how they could help as they are relaxing assuming they are not too noisy. I dont think they should make wild claims.
      You can get chair liners that plug in and do all the same massaging too for a lot less money.

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