Massive Improvement in Tinnitus Using Dr. Wilden's Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

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      I when I first bought my lasers, over a year ago, I asked Konftec about that graph, what science is it based on. They just ignored my email. So take it with a grain of salt. But that might have just also been because the person answering the emails didn't know or didn't want to go bother the "higher ups". Other than that I've had a really good experience with Konftec.

      My audiogram has a very sharp dip to 85 decibels loss at 8k Hz, and my lower frequencies are pretty good. Still doing both the 808 nm and 660 has yielded better results than doing either alone(I have tried both alone for at least a month). If you read some very old posts by FERNANDO GIL, who seems knowledgeable to me, he says that ears get used to 1 wavelength and that you should alternate wavelengths.

      Best advice I got about the lasers was to listen to your body/ears. If they feel under stimulated do the laser, if over, back off. Be open minded and test out different lengths of treatment and frequency. There's no consensus on how to do this laser treatment and it might differ from person to person. I used to have a very structured treatment with the laser and did 5x a week with weekends off and both wavelengths 30 minutes alternating between the different wavelength lasers each day.

      I feel that for the 660 nm 50 mW it was just about the right time, maybe a tad bit too much, but for the days I did 808 nm 90mW(almost 2x as powerful) it was definitely overkill. Now I'm doing it 15 minutes a pop and I'm gauging during the day if my ears feel under stimulated, then I'll do the laser. I have been doing better since I made the change. Its difficult to explain the feeling and it took me a while to get the hang of it, when to do the laser and how it feels. I now do the treatment about once every 1,5 days or when I feel like I should do more or less then I act accordingly.

      Good luck!
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      I'm also thinking about LLLT. What part of CA are you in?

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