Mastoidectomy / Mastoid Surgery — Experiences? Did Your Tinnitus Improve?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Denise Stites, Apr 18, 2019.

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      Hello everybody,

      I'm new to this site and wondered if anybody else went through mastoid surgery?

      I have been dealing with tinnitus for 3 months now. It began after having strep throat and double ear infections. I have been treated by an ENT with steroids and antibiotics along with trying to clean and suck the fluids out of my ears. I am now left with loss of hearing in both ears with the right ear being the worst of 50 percent loss. To follow all of this is tinnitus which is just driving me insane. The CT Scan shows fluid in the inner ear and now I'm having mastoid surgery this May.

      My question is has anybody had success after this surgery of reduced tinnitus?

      My ENT believes that the surgery can improve my hearing which will reduce tinnitus. Any thoughts or experiences welcome.

      Best, D
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      Has anyone had this procedure done?

      Sorry I do not have an answer for you. Have you done some research on this?

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