May Have Meniere's, Autoimmune Attack or Cochlear Hydrops

Discussion in 'Support' started by Leodavinci, Aug 1, 2015.

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      Idiopathic + Sudden hearing loss
      My T began 5 weeks ago, high pitched exclusively in the left ear and at the time it seemed to be caused by a few minutes of high pitched metal cutting noise the day before. I saw an ENT a week later and the audiogram showed no low frequency hearing loss, although this could have been measurement error since the audiologist asked me to acknowledge even if I "thought" I heard something and I was told to speak to acknowledge the beeps, needless to a say - poorly conducted. Two follow up audiograms, the most recent at a different ENT, showed low frequency hearing loss over the next 2-3 weeks where I hear at 35Db between 250 and 1000hz. My follow up ENT put me on a week taper of dexamethasone and a diuretic which quieted the T about 50%. I don't have historical audiograms to compare to so I don't know if this low frequency hearing loss is historical or is being caused by an ongoing condition, perhaps menieres spectrum disorder, autoimmune disorder, viral infection etc. Latst ENT gave me a Menieres information sheet and said nothing. I asked if he thought I had Menieres and he said he did not know. Honestly without direct questioning these doctors are idiot mutes.

      Tinnitus in mostly the left ear but also recently spread slightly to the right ear, both high frequency and aural fullness are my only symptoms. I have had no vertigo or dizziness, have no history of headaches and no history of ear infections, or other complications. I am going to another audiogram tomorrow to monitor and will get a 3rd ENT opinion as well as request some exams including the Videonystagmography exam. It was induced by noise apparently. This gives me hope that it is not a serious ongoing infection or cochlear hydrops (cochlea filling with endolymph fluid but not bursting into the ear labyrinth) Any thoughts on what this might be? Anyone experience anything similar?
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      It could be tmj, you should read about it. It is usually with a headache, fullness in the ears.
      They are saying got fullness in the ears. I wish you the best with disorder.

      p.s. I got rid of tinnitus for 3 days with neck treatment from a chiropractor. It was my neck causing my tinnitus. I still got rest of the crap. Here is to your good health.
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      Were the audiograms conducted at the same place? If so, then I would say that they are accurate. They play the same tone a number of times. You have to acknowledge it 3 times I believe before they say that you heard the decibal level.

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