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      Hello Dr.Gans, Thanks for joining TT. I was wondering if you could explain a bit about how MBTSR works. Most people know a little bit about other types of treatments like neuromonics, TRT, etc. I must be honest i am pretty ignorant when it come to MBTSR. Hopefully you can go over some of the basics and how what you do helps T suffers.
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      Hi Cillenbohannon, thanks for writing and your question is a great one. I have written quite a bit about what MBTSR is, how it was developed, why it was developed, and how it can help teach the skills needed to live with rather than against tinnitus. I have youtube videos that can be found by typing in my name and tinnitus.
      Mindfulness Based Tinnitus Stress Reduction is an 8-week program utilizing elements of deep breathing, yoga, relaxation, and meditation to reframe your relationship with tinnitus.

      Research I conducted at UCSF shows the following benefits for the participants in 8-weeks and the results endured 12 months later:
      • Decreased tinnitus annoyance and severity
      • Reduce the ringing, whooshing & buzzing
      • Reduced anxiety, fear, and feelings of panic
      • Reduced depression and sleep difficulty
      • Reduced stress, tension and irritability
      • Improved your communication with loved ones
      • Increased relaxation, focus and concentration
      After completing the research I went around the world reporting on the results at conferences but was frustrated that I didn't have a way to bring the program out to the millions of people with tinnitus so I spent the last year converting the 8-week MBTSR program into an online self-guided course.

      As a rule, I am a big believer in anything that "helps"the person with tinnitus! Many great programs have been developed to help people manage the symptom but unfortunately there is not one treatment that works for everyone. I have developed MBTSR to be another tool that can be used for healing.

      I hope that explains a bit. I have really been working hard on providing information online about MBTSR including a writing for a blog, Newsletters, in research journals… I am hoping to educate people to how MBTSR might be an option to try.

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