McKenzie Method for the Neck

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      I'm not sure if this have ever been posted, but I ran across this on the web so figured I'd give it a shot:

      Let me just say that this has been very helpful, and I notice my T reduce after doing this (as does my neck pain too!) Check the neck, what the heck? I guess I can't expect instant results but if this is what's helping then I'm going to keep at it, 3 times a day as suggested. Living with T since September 2013.... among other things!
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      I have his book "Treat your own neck" and when i remember i do the exercises,i do find they help.
      I think bad posture makes my tinnitus worse,especially if i spend a lot of time on the computer,i have also bought a special memory foam pillow to support my neck,it does help me to get a good nights sleep.
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