Me Again :) Forgot to Tell You That I Was Diagnosed 5 Years Ago with ETD

Discussion in 'Support' started by DonaldDuck75, Sep 24, 2016.

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      Hello lovely people.
      I forgot to tell you in my previous threads that I was diagnosed 5 yrs ago with ETD.
      Is possible that because I had a sinus infection, my T came back after 5 yrs (2 different sounds in the ears).
      The doctor told me that my sinus now (after 3 weeks of antibiotics) is cured but the congestion and the T will take about 6 weeks to go away, especially cause my ETD.
      My T is louder in the morning (maybe cause the mucus settle down during the night) but most of the time I can hear it just in a silent environment and is low, I also hear a crackling when I swallow and I have (sometimes) a feeling of muffled ears and fullness in the head.

      My GP said to me I must stop worry and that my T will go away once I will be decongested.
      Also the strange thing is that ALL my mucus come from my palate (paranasal mucus).

      Do not know.... so I hope to find someone that had the same experience :)

      Love u all!
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      ETD/Insane sinus congestion/TMJ/mold allergy/dog bark??????
      I've had almost 5 months of non stop sinus congestion that goes up and down that started the same day as my T.
      Right ear and E-Tube always aches, feels like I have to pop it.(Which I can very easily. At the beginning it wouldn't pop at all. It took almost 3 months for my hearing to clear up).
      When I chew my left jaw makes crackling noises. Right ear makes lot of cracking noise when swallowing. If I hold this muscle in my throat, my right ear also makes several popping/cracking noises in a row.
      I can do that sometimes in my left ear too, but it's mostly my right ear.

      I have to wait another 4 months to see an ENT. I wish it would clear up. I can feel the T in my right ear most of the time, it's not just noise. And when I can't feel it and it is just noise. Things are great.
    3. DDD

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      noice induced/acoustic trauma
      @MrBonk are you sure that the popping and cracking is not tmj? Sounds a lot like it....

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