Me and My Wife's Tinnitus Were Significantly Quieter During COVID-19 (Delta Variant) Infection

Discussion in 'Support' started by John Monson, Sep 8, 2021.

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      Possibly golf?? Not certain.
      Interesting observation regarding how having COVID-19 impacted mine and my wife's tinnitus. We both have similar tinnitus. Some ringing in both ears, but more high pitch in the right ear. We both became positive with the Delta Variant in early August. Both of us lost our sense of smell. My wife had other nerve ending related issues.

      My tinnitus went away completely for about two weeks. My wife's tinnitus was significantly quieter during COVID-19 infection. Since my recovery, my smell is coming back, and my tinnitus is following along with the same exact tinnitus I had pre-COVID-19 infection. My wife's smell is returning, and her tinnitus is also returning.

      This appears to be related to nerve ending issues near the sinus. As nerves were dulled, so was smell and tinnitus. In thinking about how to address tinnitus, or at least general ringing, it seems the answer lies in finding a way to address those nerves somewhere around the sinus/ear area. When we both rub the base of the back of our skull, tinnitus stops for maybe 10 seconds, then starts up again. There is a correlation.

      Is this making sense to anybody? I am convinced, after COVID-19, there is a cure for tinnitus. It lies in understanding the nerves in and around the ear. If we can dull those nerve endings, we can live in peace again.

      Let me know your thoughts.

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      turning everything up to 11
      Perhaps we need to survey those with permanent Anosmia to see if any also have tinnitus?
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      noise induced
      Were you on a steroid during the COVID-19 treatment? Decadron or Solumedrol?
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      Noise exposure
      Is this noise-induced tinnitus or related to TMJD or other causes?

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