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    1. Caralyn

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      -living in iceland (for a year, au pair)
      -originally from estonia

      -anime, manga, j-pop & rock
      -lazy and perfectionist: combination is not the best
      -swimming, water is my element
      -two jack russell terriers back at home
      -next year starting university studies?

      -many ear infections since birth
      -2008 infection left permanent tinnitus
      -static noise and high pitched ringing, static noise worse
      -tried acupuncture, massage, some vitamins
      -physician suggested tinnitus retraining therapy, will look into it
      -coping, but i'm here for support and help when needed
      -i have prescription for sleeping pills, infrequently used

      you can call me cara. this is me
    2. calin

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      Oct 2011
      Hi Abhijit Taa,

      As your signature you have a link to http://

      Have you followed that holistic treatment? Are you recommending it? Is this site yours?
    3. Markku

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      One of the oldest tinnitus scams on the internet. The eBook in question has been spammed all over the internet for years now.

      Some people make great money off that "book". It has a lucrative affiliate scheme. Disgusting.

      I banned Abhijit & edited the link calin typed, no one needs to visit that site :)
    4. calin

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      Oct 2011
      Had a felling.... I guess my point was taken!


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