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      Hi ladies and gents, I found your forum while researching Lipoflavonoid Plus.

      I'm 54, and I've been afflicted with tinnitus for about 10 months, which I assume was a result of flying with an ear infection, and the changes in barometric pressure. My doc gave me antibiotics, which cured the infection, but the 'ringing' never went away.

      The first few days and weeks were awful, and I even told my wife, "I'll kill myself if this agony persists" (suicide is not a thought I've ever had before), but when you read on the net that "there is no cure", then one's mind becomes obsessed with the problem, and it can take you down a dark unpleasant road.

      As time goes by though, I guess you "get used to it", so it becomes less of a severe problem, and more like an annoyance. And though the imaginary sound is always there, I've found that when my attention 'moves away from it', I don't hear it at all, (until attention zooms back in on it).

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      Well welcome pops, to a Tinnitus forum. I feel the forum is informative, supportive and interactive. At least you feel like you know the cause. Lots of us seem to connect circumstances to it and want to blame something.

      I don't mean to be-little your comment, and you’re not the only one who has mentioned suicide, that all sounds so drastic to me. Yes, the first three months are terrible. A year later it’s still awful. I walk around with electricity in my head. But don't worry our lives will go on with much engagement. I just wish for a good night sleep every night. I hope this forum helps you, sorry to hear you have this curse in life, all of us here know. Peace.
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      A lot of us have had the same thoughts, even if it was for only a few seconds, and usually after we hear its incurable, but it is so common we learn to adjust and our brains seems to filter it out.. just takes a lot of time. I would suggest having your hearing tested and go from there, and use an audiologist, not a store that sells hearing aids. They don't have the proper equipment.

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